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Contacts and Staff

Contact Us:

The primary contact is the Seattle Office:
Kulshan College of Intuitive Medicine
419 Queen Anne Ave North, Suite 101
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: (425) 908-0360

Email kulshancollege@gmail.com for more information, to sign up for our email list, for private lessons on any relevant skill or subject, to request a free session in a lab or class, or to make an appointment in our Allergy Clinic, Brain Clinic, or Veterans Clinic.


Heidi M. Hawkins is the Director of Kulshan College, develops and teaches classes, clinics and labs, plans field trips, coordinates staff and students, manages the web site and merch design, directs the band, and herds cats. Heidi enjoys time spent in nature, travel, time with friends and family, playing pinball, chopping wood, training goats, and carrying water.

Michelle Guske is our Registrar and Board of Directors Treasurer.Michelle's photo Michelle also teaches Intro to Meditation classes in Seattle and on the Eastside, and all Yoga classes. Michelle is the coordinator of our Brain Clinic, located in Seattle.

Randall Barber is our new Seattle Intuitive Diagnosis Lab Coordinator and band merch slinger.Randy's photo
Randy has spent most of his career in the banking industry as an accounting specialist. He is a graduate of DeVry University where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Technical Management with an emphasis on Health Information. His youngest son has type 1 diabetes. Randy has done volunteer work for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Randy enjoys dancing with the Kulshanettes and challenging himself to participate in the Kulshan College School Band. He is also a member of the board.

Caroline Grundin Caroline's photo
is the coordinator for the Bellingham Tao Fawu Medical Qigong Lab.

Covert operative Erin's photo Erin Kidulson is the coordinator for the Allergy Clinic and a member of the Board of Directors. Erin enjoys playing in the Kulshan College School Band, living at the Monastic Residential Hall, and working for the Kulshan College Maintenance Crew.

Joseph Ecklund Joseph's photo is President of the Board of Directors, the coordinator for the Intuitive Diagnosis Lab in Bellingham and Assistant Band Director. He is also a student at Western Washington University. Joseph enjoys playing in the Kulshan College School Band, living at the Tao Fawu Monastic Residence, and working on the Kulshan College Maintenance Crew.

Woody Pidcock "Uncle" Woody Pidcock a member of the Board of Directors and coordinator of the Tao Fawu Medical Qigong Lab in Seattle. Woody's photo Woody volunteers at FridayFeast in the University District serving nutritious meals to over 100 people each week. Woody enjoys sauna & swimming at Queen Anne pool, walking & taking the bus around Seattle, and learning the benefits of a monastic lifestyle.

Shelli Joy Martinez is our liaison to the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation.Shelli's photo Shelli has a degree in Therapeutic Recreation from Eastern Washington University and is a member of the Colville Confederated Tribes, Okanogan Band. She has been working for the Colville Tribes Diabetes Program as a Physical Activities Lifestyle Specialist since 2008. Shelli enjoys helping people feel better through various forms of wellness activities; walking, yoga, swimming, dancing, healthy cooking, & laughing to name a few. Shelli has been coordinating semi-annual Kulshan College tours to the Colville Reservation since our first tour there in April 2012, and is excited to be studying Tao Fawu Qigong with us. She is now enrolled in Graduate School.

Kate's photo Kate Johnson Kiefer is a mother of three, and coordinator of the Veterans Clinic and On-Call Dual lab, as well as Secretary of the Board. Kate also manages the Kulshan College Maintenance Crew, our students for hire team. She has found Tao Fawu practices profoundly helpful to her health and is glad to be able to share this form of healing with others. Kate and her kids raise goats, chickens, and rabbits, and she enjoys gardening, playing music in the Kulshan College School Band, canning fruits and veggies, and being outside in nature.

To learn more about our practitioners or make a private appointment, see the practitioners page.

Tao Fawu and Kulshan College are Trademarks, since 2003.

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