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Free and Low Cost Services

Offering free and low cost services on a limited basis is part of our mission at Kulshan College of Intuitive Medicine. Our students commit to a path of service as a spiritual practice. We gratefully accept donations and we are a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Medical Qigong Treatment
Free treatment is offered at Tao Fawu Medical Qigong class and lab. Preference is given to chronically ill children and brain injured or otherwise debilitated adults. Private appointments available in Seattle, Bellingham, and wherever we visit on field trips. To request free treatment for yourself or a family member, email kulshancollegeappts@gmail.com with "free treatment" in the subject heading. Please specify location. Lab appointments are 25 minutes.

Free Intuitive Insight
Health and other important information, as perceived by students of the Intuitive Diagnosis Lab. Private appointments available in Seattle or Bellingham. Children may schedule for 25 minutes, and adults for 50 minutes. Open to anyone who can show up reliably, on time for their appointment and cooperate. To schedule a free session, email kulshancollegeappts@gmail.com with "free intuitive session" in the subject heading, and be sure to specify if you prefer Seattle or Bellingham.

Free Videoblog Series
Master Teacher Heidi M. Hawkins discusses various subtle technology topics in short installments on youtube.

Low Cost Allergy Clinic
We offer subtle, gentle treatment for allergies in Bellingham on Tuesday evenings. Cost is $20 cash per 50 minute private session. By appointment only. Our teaching clinic trains students in the effective, ethical, and sustainable approach to treatment of allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances of all kinds. Email Kate Johnson Kiefer, Allergy Clinic Coordinator, to schedule an appointment. Please "like" our Kulshan College Allergy Clinic page on facebook! Last minute opportunities are sometimes posted here.

Low Cost Brain Clinic
We offer treatment for all brain conditions at our Brain Clinic in Seattle. Cost is $20 cash per 50 minute private session, by appointment only. We practice an effective, ethical, and sustainable approach to brain conditions of all kinds. No medical diagnosis is necessary to seek treatment. We offer hope in the face of "untreatable" and "incurable" diagnoses. Email Michelle Guske, the Brain Clinic Coordinator, to make an appointment. Please "like" our Kulshan College Brain Clinic page on facebook! Last minute opportunities may be posted here.

Free Services to Tribal Members
We travel to Native American and First Nations reservations and reserves to offer diagnosis and treatment. We provide these services as give-away to all tribal members while we are there. Sometimes we offer classes for free or low cost, depending on the class. To invite us to visit your reservation, please email kulshancollege@gmail.com.

Free Treatment for Veterans
We offer free treatment for veterans once per month in Bellingham, at the Food Coop Healthy Connections Building, by appointment only. Email Joseph Ecklund, Veterans Clinic Coordinator, to schedule an appointment.

Tao Fawu and Kulshan College are Trademarks, since 2003.

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