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Kulshan College School Band

The Kulshan College School Band is an important side project to us. Since our beginnings at the 2016 Kulshan College Community Retreat, we have performed publicly at 12 Minutes Max Bellingham WA, the Green Frog open mic, the Omak Longhouse on the Colville Reservation, Make.shift gallery, Kulshan Brewery, and busking on the streets of Bellingham and at the farmers market. We are currently cultivating and performing a holiday-oriented busking set around town. We have an ongoing project of documenting all the songs we have learned with lofi recording.

Kulshan College School Band performs covers and originals of a wide variety of genres. Our songs are selected mindfully and with purpose. Our instrumentation is on the quieter side of rock music or on the raucous side of folk music, with an emphasis on portability over volume. Our lineup also features choreographed dancing by our own Kulshanettes! We wish to put on an entertaining show. Membership in the school band is only open to current, dedicated students of qigong, and by invitation only. In addition, the Tao Fawu monks are developing sacred music of various traditions and genres for performance and recording. We choose music as an important part of daily practice, discipline, and prayer.

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