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About the Kulshan College Logo

The Kulshan College of Intuitive Medicine is named after Komo Kulshan (or Koma Kulshan), the Coast Salish name for Mt. Baker, the mountain featured in the logo and in the photos across the top of each page of our website. Mt. Kulshan photo
Komo Kulshan
Also included is our mascot, the green dragon (wood dragon), auspicious symbol of power and evolution; clouds, as are often featured in the weather of the Pacific Northwest where we are loosely based; and the I Ching hexagram for gradual progress or development (#53). Logo idea by Heidi M. Hawkins, designed by Jeanne Broussard.

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About the Tao Fawu Logo

Tao Fawu qigong and shengong are taught only at Kulshan College. The logo was created by Modern Dog Design. The top circle contains the Chinese character for "heart," which symbolizes our commitment to spiritual service in the world and compassion for all, among other things. We have custom Tao Fawu merch in our Seattle office, along with Kulshan College organic bandanas for sale at cost.

Web design by Steve Hunt, with a revision by David Donohue.

Tao Fawu and Kulshan College are registered Trademarks, since 2003.

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