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Tao Fawu™ Shengong

Shengong (or shen gong) is skillfulness with shen. Shen does not translate well into the English language, but it includes emotion, psyche, mind, consciousness and spirit. For example, Tao Fawu Shengong offers an alternative paradigm of Psychology, among other things. Western psychology has limitations, as all paradigms do. Based on Freudian notions, Western psychology favors a privileged white male view that reinforces itself and tends to lead to judgmentalism. Pop psychology has infiltrated Western culture to the point that people with no training feel free to diagnose and judge others. Tao Fawu Shengong teaches us that we have no business judging others, and instead we focus on the facts and patterns, and how to improve our own patterns to serve our own values and goals. Eventually, students learn to help others with their emotional patterns. We can all become more skillful with our emotions, more healthy in our patterns, and in doing so we improve our relationships with ourselves and others.

Shen is more subtle than qi, and shengong is more subtle and difficult to learn than qigong. A student must demonstrate competency at qigong before proceeding to shengong. At Kulshan College™, we offer a Shengong Series of classes directed toward developing different aspects of skill with shen. Classes include, but are not limited to: Intro to Tao Fawu Shengong, Shengong: Developing Emotional Skill, Shengong: Cultivating Mindfulness, Shengong: Mysticism Technology and Tradition as well as Tao Fawu Meditation. Private lessons for general skills as well as specific problem solving are available. All our shengong classes are Tao Fawu Shengong, which is offered exclusively by Kulshan College of Intuitive Medicine School of Qigong and Shengong. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Philosophy and Psychology offer only a framework, not a fully developed paradigm for subtle skills in modern times and non-Chinese cultures. Tao Fawu Shengong was developed from this traditional framework to educate modern people in skillfulness with the contemporary world. Tao Fawu is an extrapolation of the traditional Chinese theory and philosophy that underpins all Chinese thought as well as Chinese medicine, but is influenced by traditional healing in various cultures as well as the global nonviolent movement.

As we develop ourselves, we become better able to help others. As we help others without thought for ourselves but out of compassion, we develop ourselves. As we fulfill our mission of service as a spiritual practice, we develop our shen and become more skillful. We have opportunities to develop more subtle aspects of ourselves as well as to improve our skillfulness in our relationships. When we improve the subtle in ourselves and our lives, we improve our health in less subtle ways. Shengong feeds qigong. Qi follows mind. The Kulshan College Community offers immersion opportunities to practice new ways of being skillful.

Tao Fawu and Kulshan College are Trademarks, since 2003.

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