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The Kulshan College Google Calendar is viewable by the public. The Tao Fawu Monastery Calendar is private, open only to those who participate in the monastic community, and by request.

* At this time, all lab and Veterans Clinic appointments are free for clients and all other clinic appointments are $20. Cost for students is determined by number of students present.

Currently, board meetings are on the second tuesday of every month. Kulshan College School Band rehearses Sundays at 11am and Thursdays at 6pm in Bellingham, unless otherwise specified. Community meditation is daily at 6:30am followed by community breakfast, and 8pm.

Class Locations:
BHM: Kulshan College, Bellingham, Washington location
SEA: Kulshan College, Seattle, Washington location
BAL: Bellingham Alternative Library, Bellingham, Washington
COL: Confederated Tribes of Colville Reservation, Washington
Coop: Community Food Coop, Downtown Bellingham, Washington location
TUL: Tulalip Tribes Reservation, Washington location

A Request:
Please do not wear perfume, cologne, or other strong scents to any class, lab, or event.


Class Descriptions:
Introduction to Tao Fawu Qigong
Tao Fawu Qigong Practice Sessions
Intro to Meditation
Advanced Meditation
Tao Fawu Medical Qigong Class
Tao Fawu Medical Qigong Lab
Kulshan College Retreat
Intro to Tao Fawu Shengong
Shengong: Developing Emotional Skill
Shengong: Developing Communication Skills
Shengong: Psychic Self Defense
Shengong: Cultivating Mindfulness
Shengong: Skillful Relationships
Shengong: Mysticism Technology & Tradition
Intuitive Diagnosis Lab
Dual Lab
Allergy Clinic
Brain Clinic
Veterans Clinic
Field Trips
Marrow, Brains, Bones & Joints
Basic Chinese Medical Techniques
Introduction to the I Ching
I Ching One Year Intensive
Introduction to The Art of War
The Art of War One Year Intensive

Tao Fawu and Kulshan College are Trademarks, since 2003.

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